fabbb_ulous's Journal

Fabian Prewett
Name: Fabian George Prewett

Gender: Male

Year & House: I believe he's 20? And a Gryffindor of course.

Affiliation: Order member, of course! Would you expect anything less?

Freckled and with dirty blonde hair, Fabian is usually friendly and easy to get along with. In recent weeks, his face seems to show seldom more than a frown, but he has a huge, slightly lopsided smile that is infectious. He thinks of himself as rather good looking, (at least better looking than his brother XD), but generally doesn't take much interest in his appearance. Fabian was cursed with fair skin, so he gets sunburnt pretty easily, although recently, his freckles tended to multiply in the sun, instead. Fabian has light eyes that aren't remarkable except for the fact that they were a unique celery color. He has been wearing his hair long recently, much to his sister's chagrin, and since, well, since Riley, he hasn't been taking very good care of it. It is rather unkempt and he doesn't wash it much, but honestly, he has better things to worry about. PB: Jason Wade (I decided not to change it)

Fabian is the middle of three, although only by four minutes. His twin, Gideon, and older sister, Molly, mean the world to him, especially now that Molly's family is growing. His family, the Prewetts, is not respected as a high-class pure-blood family, and Fabian could not care less. He knows who his friends are, regardless of their blood status.
Fabian and Gideon have a fantastic relationship. They both seem to know what the other is thinking, and can easily judge each other's moods. They are not only brother, but they are also friends. Fabian feels like he can confide in Gideon with anything, and it's valuable when he needs someone to talk to, or just someone to bounce thoughts off of.
Fabian was never too talented in the grades department, but he scraped mostly above-average grades during his time at Hogwarts. He would have much rather spent time with Riley than study.
Oh. Riley. Fabian is having a hard time coping with his wife's death. He had known her for...forever, and he feels like there has been a gaping hole torn out of his body. Riley was the light of his life, she made life worth living for him, and now he doesn't know how to deal with this horrible, horrible tragedy.

Fabian is always one to take risks. Sometimes this gets him in trouble, when he acts without thinking, but he can usually learn from what he did wrong and in turn grown from it. Fabian is intensely loyal and knows that the people he cares about are the most important people in the world. This, of course, leads to him acting slightly overprotective, especially over Big Sis Molly and her kids, but she doesn't mind, right, Mols? He usually takes life as it comes and doesn't try to rock the boat too much. He can be carefree, but in recent months, he realizes that his age of innocence is over and that he has to start taking life more seriously. He recognizes now how fragile and perfect life is, and is much more reserved.
Fabian can be known to be quite a jokester when he's in his better moods, and has no problem with being teased by his friends, as long as he can return the favor.
The politically based hardships occurring in the wizarding world show Fabian that he has to stay true to his set of morals and standards. He can easily tell that blood means nothing when it comes to someone's worth as a person, and he has been known to get in a few fist fights over such slurs as "Mudblood", even though he is a pureblood himself. He values the people in his life and tries to make the best of the circumstances.